4 Ways You Can Improve on Your Animated Explainer Video Now

The evidence is there. Video as a medium to convey a business’s message is becoming one of the strongest, most cost effective methods in the realm of marketing. 4 times as many people would rather watch a video explaining a concept than to read about it.

Research also shows that 46% of people who watch a video take action and those who watched a product video are almost twice as likely to eventually buy the product. From this we can see that video is not only the more preferred medium for product education but also the more effective method in converting onlookers into actual paying customers.

If your business wants to dive straight into video marketing then animated explainer videos are one way to start. An animated explainer video grabs the attention of viewers in a matter of seconds and can tell a complete, well rounded story about your product in less than a minute.

Although these videos have been around for a long time, it is only recently that we are focusing our attention them and developing the best methods in creating and utilizing them. Below are 4 tips you can use right now to improve your animated explainer videos.

Weave A Story That Works For Your Customers

Weave a Story that Captivates Viewers

Consumers are getting smarter and they know exactly what they want. For them, the benefits of a product can easily be determined and compared with other similar products over the internet marketplaces. So why would they choose your product out of all the other competitors offering competing services?

If you want to capture your audience and turn their attention away from other products then do away with the mentality that an animated explainer video has to be a video which solely lists the benefits of your product.

Instead, create a story, something that can resonate with the viewer and connect with them at an emotional level. Even better, create an entertaining story. Just like any good film, the presence of conflict leads to resolution.

While keeping the video story centric, show how your product or idea solves a problem within the story.


Don’t Overload Your Audience with Information

The concept is simple, your potential customer will be able to remember every single aspect of your product in a clip that is less than a minute in length. Leave the full product experience to when they actually get their hands on your product. Before then, grab their attention with just 1, compelling takeaway.

While formulating your story, make sure that a single, strong message is sent across. Determine your customer segment and cater this message such that it matches their need, or solves their singular, greatest problem. Your product will then be deeply etched in them for this single reason alone.

Narrate from the Perspective of Your Customer

The details of your animated explainer video should highlight key points that your customers can relate to. If they cannot form the link between using your product and solving their problem then they will not be sold on your idea. Abstain from making your video about your company and your brand.

One excellent way to do this is to make your video detached from your business. Tell the story using a third party approach. In this way, your video ceases to be a sales pitch and instead gives your audience the impression that your business is a valuable resource.

Use Creative and Fun Metaphors That Viewers Can Relate to

We mentioned earlier that consumers become attached to an idea more if they can relate to it in their own lives.

Metaphors help enhance this process by presenting scenarios in which people are familiar with. Pair this up with linking it to your product solution and potential customers will be able to see for themselves why buying into your product is the best course of action for them.

At the same time, metaphors help simplify a complicated solution and also bring the product offer to life and help differentiate your product with your competition.

Even a great idea fails to attract an audience if it does not explain itself in a simple, yet elegant way. If you want to achieve a video that explains your concept in a neat and comprehensive manner, then make good use of these tips we’ve provided and get down to working on the animated explainer video now.