Your B2B Customers Will Love Your Animated Explainer Video

Video as a means of communicating ideas has become more and more popular in the recent years. In the B2B scene, marketers are moving away from traditional marketing methods. The ever so standard business sales pitch presentation PowerPoint slides have become a bit of an outdated practice and people are revering the effectiveness of using the tool that is explainer videos.

A Forbes research1 finds that 54% of senior executives share work related videos with their colleagues every week. For naysayers of video as a marketing tool for B2B, this is just 1 such statistic which proves that in a business setting, more and more individuals with important decision making powers are embracing the idea of videos to communicate ideas.

Business executives have limited time on their hands. The best kind of video to retain their undivided attention would be an animated explainer video. Such a video is short, 30 seconds to 90seconds in length and conveys all the required information in a concise story telling format that is entertaining and captivating at the same time.

Let’s see just why, among so many video formats, B2B businesses are utilizing animated explainer videos as their format of choice.

Animated Explainer Videos Captures Viewer Attention and Delivers a Strong Message

One reason is because these videos deliver a strong message, in a concise form. They are short, yet powerful and thus easily attract viewers. Explainer videos get down to the point. But easier said than done.

To craft a compelling explainer video, it must revolve around a single unique value proposition. It does not pay to be long winded. Audiences will forget most of what they see within hours but a single strong solution that solves their problems will stick with them for a long period of time.

A concise explainer video should last no longer than 2 minutes and contain less than 150 words. This allows for all necessary information to be conveyed but also not lose the audiences’ attention.

But a strong message cannot be clearly put across without excellent copywriting and script writing expertise. Identify someone in your team with the best ability to write a script or if you so choose, hire a professional to get this done for you. But whatever the case, do not neglect the power of words and copywriting.An Explainer Video Creates a Unified Brand Image

The problem for a lot of businesses is that there are inconsistencies in their brand image. This extends not only to customers but also your own employees and support staff. We can all agree that if your own employees aren’t entirely sure about what your brand is trying to say, then we can be sure that your customers will likely fare worst in their understanding.

Through multiple channels of social media and through your own website, a single powerful explainer video can easily solve the problem of brand inconsistency.


Make Your Animated Video Unique

Animated videos have an entire realm of possibilities. They aren’t held back by the physical constraints of real life and thus there are many things you can do to make your animated explainer video as unique as possible.

First, choose a production style that fits your script the best. Stop motion offers a very nice aesthetic look that stands out from the rest but requires great expertise for perfect execution. For something simpler but just as effective at conveying your message, you can try out whiteboard style animation which are great at relaying information.

Animated characters work great in humanizing the content, making it more relatable to the viewers. But remember, these characters aren’t restricted physically so feel free to give them the freedom to fly all around the screen.

Aside from production style, spend time on post-production efforts. Nice looking typography might mean the difference between a good video, and an amazing one. Engage with a professional voiceover artist to get your voice over done to compliment your video. Pay proper attention to the tone of the video so that it suits your product. Ask yourself these few questions. Should the voice over be male or female? Should the voiceover artist use an accent or keep it simple. All these minor details add up and presents to your viewers an interesting, polished end product.

When all is said and done, prepare all your channels for distribution of your video. Effective distribution is just as important as getting the content right.

4 Ways You Can Improve on Your Animated Explainer Video Now

The evidence is there. Video as a medium to convey a business’s message is becoming one of the strongest, most cost effective methods in the realm of marketing. 4 times as many people would rather watch a video explaining a concept than to read about it.

Research also shows that 46% of people who watch a video take action and those who watched a product video are almost twice as likely to eventually buy the product. From this we can see that video is not only the more preferred medium for product education but also the more effective method in converting onlookers into actual paying customers.

If your business wants to dive straight into video marketing then animated explainer videos are one way to start. An animated explainer video grabs the attention of viewers in a matter of seconds and can tell a complete, well rounded story about your product in less than a minute.

Although these videos have been around for a long time, it is only recently that we are focusing our attention them and developing the best methods in creating and utilizing them. Below are 4 tips you can use right now to improve your animated explainer videos.

Weave A Story That Works For Your Customers

Weave a Story that Captivates Viewers

Consumers are getting smarter and they know exactly what they want. For them, the benefits of a product can easily be determined and compared with other similar products over the internet marketplaces. So why would they choose your product out of all the other competitors offering competing services?

If you want to capture your audience and turn their attention away from other products then do away with the mentality that an animated explainer video has to be a video which solely lists the benefits of your product.

Instead, create a story, something that can resonate with the viewer and connect with them at an emotional level. Even better, create an entertaining story. Just like any good film, the presence of conflict leads to resolution.

While keeping the video story centric, show how your product or idea solves a problem within the story.


Don’t Overload Your Audience with Information

The concept is simple, your potential customer will be able to remember every single aspect of your product in a clip that is less than a minute in length. Leave the full product experience to when they actually get their hands on your product. Before then, grab their attention with just 1, compelling takeaway.

While formulating your story, make sure that a single, strong message is sent across. Determine your customer segment and cater this message such that it matches their need, or solves their singular, greatest problem. Your product will then be deeply etched in them for this single reason alone.

Narrate from the Perspective of Your Customer

The details of your animated explainer video should highlight key points that your customers can relate to. If they cannot form the link between using your product and solving their problem then they will not be sold on your idea. Abstain from making your video about your company and your brand.

One excellent way to do this is to make your video detached from your business. Tell the story using a third party approach. In this way, your video ceases to be a sales pitch and instead gives your audience the impression that your business is a valuable resource.

Use Creative and Fun Metaphors That Viewers Can Relate to

We mentioned earlier that consumers become attached to an idea more if they can relate to it in their own lives.

Metaphors help enhance this process by presenting scenarios in which people are familiar with. Pair this up with linking it to your product solution and potential customers will be able to see for themselves why buying into your product is the best course of action for them.

At the same time, metaphors help simplify a complicated solution and also bring the product offer to life and help differentiate your product with your competition.

Even a great idea fails to attract an audience if it does not explain itself in a simple, yet elegant way. If you want to achieve a video that explains your concept in a neat and comprehensive manner, then make good use of these tips we’ve provided and get down to working on the animated explainer video now.

Why an Animated Explainer Video is Essential for Your Business

In the modernity of today’s internet, there are thousands and thousands of websites out there and your website is amongst this vast competition.

According to Nielsen Research, Training and Consulting Group, the average user spends about 10-20 seconds on a site if there is no compelling reason to stay longer.

Incidentally, the attention span of website users are getting shorter and if you fail to grab the attention of your visitor by the end of 10 seconds, then you may have just lost a potential customer.

Statistics on Modern Page Traffic Behavior

Will you be able to fully capture your audience with just text and some graphics alone? We highly doubt so, which is why the best way is to use a simple animated Explainer Video to do the job for you and we’ll tell you why.

Videos Are Consumers’ First Choice

Humans predominantly use our sense of sight and hearing to perceive our surroundings. We remember 20% of what we read and 10% of what we hear. Interestingly, we remember 80% when it comes to moving visuals, also known as videos.

Statistics on People Being Visual Learners

According to research by Forbes, we should cease to view videos as a supplement to textual information. The research shows that more and more companies will be using videos because of their higher reach, engagement and overall ROI.

So Why Prioritize Animated Videos?

Real life videos, with real actors and a pretty stage might be a good option to consider but before you jump to the conclusion that this form of video is better read on. Below are some reasons why an animated video might work better for your website.

  • Certain aspects of your product might be impossible to portray in real life. For example, if your product is an online trading platform, you can imagine the use of graphs and charts would be paramount to the effectiveness of conveying what your service is. Information display is where animated explainer videos excels at.
  • Remember when you were a child watching cartoons on the television. That sense of excitement and emotion cannot be rivaled. Animated Explainer Videos connect with viewers at an emotional level. Flashy animated characters prancing around the screen trigger the emotion sensors of viewers and create a special atmosphere. Furthermore, animated videos gives off less of the dreadfulness connected with intrusive real life, staged and acted advertisements.
  • Animated videos have limitless potential in content. They are not bound to the real life constraints of physics. Do whatever you want with your animated characters. Fly them around the screen or even into space. No problem at all. Animated videos more easily help you create the desired story you want to achieve.

Success Stories & Real Case Studies

A very good example would be Dropbox. Dropbox grew from 0 to 100 million subscribers in 5 years with just a simple landing page which only included an animated explainer video and a download button.

This video has now almost 10 million hits on Youtube. Just a simple, 1 minute explainer video help Dropbox gain that much traction.

Another great example would be Uber.

What better way to showcase the usage of your application than to animate the process step by step to help ease sceptical users into beginning their first journey with your service.

Get Started With Your First Video

Start now! Animated videos increase conversions and increase your sales and can even help lower your costs.

According to research done by Forbes, half of executives who watched a work related animated explainer video eventually contacted the vendor for more information.

Forbes Study on the Benefits Video Provides

In a related research, animated videos on websites allowed companies such as Dell to reduce their “hotline” operating staff by 5% and Virgin Mobile by 14%.

Cut Costs and Get Greater ROI with Videos

An explainer video does all these wonderful things for your company and we at (company name and link) are here to help you create the ideal animated explainer video that suits your needs.

6 Tips for the Perfect Animated Explainer Video

Explainer videos are becoming very popular as a marketing tool, and for good reasons.

Explainer videos increase traffic to your website and keeps the attention of users, making them stay on longer where they can explore more of your product afterwards.

They are also effective in helping users retain more of what they’ve learned through watching your video. In fact they do so 30% better than retaining information through written words on your website.

But to make a good explainer video, a few considerations must be taken into account. Here are 6 tips to help you make the ideal explainer video which suits your product.


1. Keep your Explainer Video Concise

Even if your product is a fascinating one, if you do not capture your audience within 10 seconds of the start of presentation, you might already have lost 20% of your potential buyers. The attention span of consumers are just that short. There’s a ton of other products out there ready to be consumed. Why should they spend more time on your product than others?

This is just the way it is and to embrace this fact, make your videos as short as it should be. The ideal video should be 30 to 60 seconds long, and shorter videos increase the chances of viewers going through with the whole duration.

Noticed we used the word concise. So instead of the video just being short, make sure it effectively demonstrates your unique value proposition in this time frame. Else, your efforts might just have been wasted.


2. Spend time of Pre-Production – Script and Storyboard

The downfall of many projects is bad planning. Never go into production without first having 2 essential things done right – the script and the storyboard. These are done not only for yourself to refer to but so that your whole team is on the same page when it comes to visualizing what the end product should be.

Firstly, the script acts as the foundation of the whole project. Since the opening few seconds of the video is the most important in capturing your audience, get a good writer to work out the best way to do so. One way to secure a strong opening would be to start off with a nice catchphrase.

Secondly the storyboard helps your team visualize and plan ahead for scenes. Without the storyboard, only you have the vision of how the scenes should be film, so don’t get upset when your team doesn’t know better.

Example Of A Good StoryBoard


3. Use a Professional Voice-over

In some videos, a voice-over is absolutely necessary for everything to come in place. For these videos, we highly recommend you to use a professional voice-over artist.

These professionals record their work in a soundproof room so their audio files have an absence of external noise. These noises could even be very discernible and can be quite distracting if placed into your video. Just 10 to 20 years ago, getting a professional voice-over done could put you down a few thousand dollars. Nowadays, it really only costs a fraction of your video production budget.


4. Gain your Viewers’ Undivided Attention

We’ve established the rule that it is of utmost importance that you capture your audience in the first 10 seconds of the video. Here are a few ways on how to achieve this.

  • Tease your audience with just a snippet of what they are about to see to develop their curiosity such that they watch until the end. This is how the Marvel Cinematic Universe manages to make their audience sit through the end movie credits to catch a few seconds of what is in store for them in the next Marvel movie.
  • Avoid using business jargon. The simple logic is that, simple words convey your message in an easy to understand why. Complicated speech turns away your audience
  • Use typography to enhance your video’s aesthetic appeal


5. Embrace Animation – Live action isn’t always better

Live action movies are restricted in the amount of creative elements you can incorporate, especially if you have a low-medium sized budget which disallow you from including complex effects.

This budget however, allows you to make a well-rounded animated explainer video which presents your product in an equal, or even better light.


6. Music as Icing on the Cake

Unless you are a cinema enthusiasts, silent films do not attract the masses in general. Include those beautiful soundtracks to complete your video.

A heavy menacing tone can be used to forewarn an incoming danger. Light hearted music can play really well if your product is something deemed to be highly accessible and user friendly to the public.

Choose your music wisely and your animated explainer video will be perfect.