Why an Animated Explainer Video is Essential for Your Business

In the modernity of today’s internet, there are thousands and thousands of websites out there and your website is amongst this vast competition.

According to Nielsen Research, Training and Consulting Group, the average user spends about 10-20 seconds on a site if there is no compelling reason to stay longer.

Incidentally, the attention span of website users are getting shorter and if you fail to grab the attention of your visitor by the end of 10 seconds, then you may have just lost a potential customer.

Statistics on Modern Page Traffic Behavior

Will you be able to fully capture your audience with just text and some graphics alone? We highly doubt so, which is why the best way is to use a simple animated Explainer Video to do the job for you and we’ll tell you why.

Videos Are Consumers’ First Choice

Humans predominantly use our sense of sight and hearing to perceive our surroundings. We remember 20% of what we read and 10% of what we hear. Interestingly, we remember 80% when it comes to moving visuals, also known as videos.

Statistics on People Being Visual Learners

According to research by Forbes, we should cease to view videos as a supplement to textual information. The research shows that more and more companies will be using videos because of their higher reach, engagement and overall ROI.

So Why Prioritize Animated Videos?

Real life videos, with real actors and a pretty stage might be a good option to consider but before you jump to the conclusion that this form of video is better read on. Below are some reasons why an animated video might work better for your website.

  • Certain aspects of your product might be impossible to portray in real life. For example, if your product is an online trading platform, you can imagine the use of graphs and charts would be paramount to the effectiveness of conveying what your service is. Information display is where animated explainer videos excels at.
  • Remember when you were a child watching cartoons on the television. That sense of excitement and emotion cannot be rivaled. Animated Explainer Videos connect with viewers at an emotional level. Flashy animated characters prancing around the screen trigger the emotion sensors of viewers and create a special atmosphere. Furthermore, animated videos gives off less of the dreadfulness connected with intrusive real life, staged and acted advertisements.
  • Animated videos have limitless potential in content. They are not bound to the real life constraints of physics. Do whatever you want with your animated characters. Fly them around the screen or even into space. No problem at all. Animated videos more easily help you create the desired story you want to achieve.

Success Stories & Real Case Studies

A very good example would be Dropbox. Dropbox grew from 0 to 100 million subscribers in 5 years with just a simple landing page which only included an animated explainer video and a download button.

This video has now almost 10 million hits on Youtube. Just a simple, 1 minute explainer video help Dropbox gain that much traction.

Another great example would be Uber.

What better way to showcase the usage of your application than to animate the process step by step to help ease sceptical users into beginning their first journey with your service.

Get Started With Your First Video

Start now! Animated videos increase conversions and increase your sales and can even help lower your costs.

According to research done by Forbes, half of executives who watched a work related animated explainer video eventually contacted the vendor for more information.

Forbes Study on the Benefits Video Provides

In a related research, animated videos on websites allowed companies such as Dell to reduce their “hotline” operating staff by 5% and Virgin Mobile by 14%.

Cut Costs and Get Greater ROI with Videos

An explainer video does all these wonderful things for your company and we at (company name and link) are here to help you create the ideal animated explainer video that suits your needs.