Your B2B Customers Will Love Your Animated Explainer Video

Video as a means of communicating ideas has become more and more popular in the recent years. In the B2B scene, marketers are moving away from traditional marketing methods. The ever so standard business sales pitch presentation PowerPoint slides have become a bit of an outdated practice and people are revering the effectiveness of using the tool that is explainer videos.

A Forbes research1 finds that 54% of senior executives share work related videos with their colleagues every week. For naysayers of video as a marketing tool for B2B, this is just 1 such statistic which proves that in a business setting, more and more individuals with important decision making powers are embracing the idea of videos to communicate ideas.

Business executives have limited time on their hands. The best kind of video to retain their undivided attention would be an animated explainer video. Such a video is short, 30 seconds to 90seconds in length and conveys all the required information in a concise story telling format that is entertaining and captivating at the same time.

Let’s see just why, among so many video formats, B2B businesses are utilizing animated explainer videos as their format of choice.

Animated Explainer Videos Captures Viewer Attention and Delivers a Strong Message

One reason is because these videos deliver a strong message, in a concise form. They are short, yet powerful and thus easily attract viewers. Explainer videos get down to the point. But easier said than done.

To craft a compelling explainer video, it must revolve around a single unique value proposition. It does not pay to be long winded. Audiences will forget most of what they see within hours but a single strong solution that solves their problems will stick with them for a long period of time.

A concise explainer video should last no longer than 2 minutes and contain less than 150 words. This allows for all necessary information to be conveyed but also not lose the audiences’ attention.

But a strong message cannot be clearly put across without excellent copywriting and script writing expertise. Identify someone in your team with the best ability to write a script or if you so choose, hire a professional to get this done for you. But whatever the case, do not neglect the power of words and copywriting.An Explainer Video Creates a Unified Brand Image

The problem for a lot of businesses is that there are inconsistencies in their brand image. This extends not only to customers but also your own employees and support staff. We can all agree that if your own employees aren’t entirely sure about what your brand is trying to say, then we can be sure that your customers will likely fare worst in their understanding.

Through multiple channels of social media and through your own website, a single powerful explainer video can easily solve the problem of brand inconsistency.


Make Your Animated Video Unique

Animated videos have an entire realm of possibilities. They aren’t held back by the physical constraints of real life and thus there are many things you can do to make your animated explainer video as unique as possible.

First, choose a production style that fits your script the best. Stop motion offers a very nice aesthetic look that stands out from the rest but requires great expertise for perfect execution. For something simpler but just as effective at conveying your message, you can try out whiteboard style animation which are great at relaying information.

Animated characters work great in humanizing the content, making it more relatable to the viewers. But remember, these characters aren’t restricted physically so feel free to give them the freedom to fly all around the screen.

Aside from production style, spend time on post-production efforts. Nice looking typography might mean the difference between a good video, and an amazing one. Engage with a professional voiceover artist to get your voice over done to compliment your video. Pay proper attention to the tone of the video so that it suits your product. Ask yourself these few questions. Should the voice over be male or female? Should the voiceover artist use an accent or keep it simple. All these minor details add up and presents to your viewers an interesting, polished end product.

When all is said and done, prepare all your channels for distribution of your video. Effective distribution is just as important as getting the content right.